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ICSE Class 9 Maths & Science Animated Pendrive in English

ICSE Class 9 Maths & Science Animated Pendrive in English

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GlobalShiksha offers high quality interactive animated digital content for classes from Kindergarten to 12th for ICSE board. The self-study content will give students the experience of real time teacher-student interaction. Rich animation, topic-wise activities and assessments, and concepts recap will help students develop sound understanding of the subject. Content has been developed by experienced subject matter experts from the industry.The digital content has inbuilt assessment questions on every concept. Students can practice those questions and their scores will be recorded and visible.This feature helps in tracking students' performances. 

Subscription: 1 Year

Class 9 Maths and Science Syllabus

Mathematics :

Science :

Areas of Parallelograms and Triangles

Air Pollution


Animal Tissues

Comparing Quantities

Atoms and Molecules-I


Atoms and Molecules-II

Coordinate Geometry

Biotechnology and its Applications

Euclids Geometry

Cell and its structure


Chemical Changes

Herons formula

Coal and Petroleum

Introduction to Graphs


Inverse Trigonometric functions

Current Electricity

Linear Equations in two Variables

Digestion and Absorption

Linear Inequalities

Diversity in living organisms-I

Lines and Angles

Diversity in living organisms-II

Number Systems





Force and Laws of Motion


Fun with Magnets

Real Numbers-I


Real Numbers-II

Health and Hygiene



Surface Area

Human Health and Disease-I


Human Health and Disease-II

Trigonometric Ratios

Hydrogen I


Improvement in Food Resources-I

Improvement in Food Resources-II

Is Matter around us Pure-I

Is Matter around us Pure-II

Is Matter Around Us Pure-III

Life Processes-I

Life Processes-II

Light Reflection and Refraction-I

Light Reflection and Refraction-II

Locomotion and Movement

Magnetic Effect of Current

Magnetism and Matter

Matter In our Surroundings

Mechanical Properties of Fluids

Morphology of Flowering Plants-Leaves

Morphology of Flowering Plants-Roots

Morphology of Flowering Plants-Stem


Motion in a straight line

Natural Resouces I

Natural Resouces II

Periodic Classification of Elements

Physical Changes

Respiration in Plants

Respiratory Systems in Organisms

Sexual Reproduction in flowering plants



States of Matter

Structure of the Atom

The Animal Kingdom-I

The Animal Kingdom-II

The Animal Kingdom-III

The Cell Organelles

The Kingdon Classification-I

The Kingdon Classification-II

The Kingdon Classification-III

The P-block elements-II

The P-block elements-III

The Plant Kingdom-I

The Plant Kingdom-II

Thermal Properties of Matter


Types of Respiration

Units and Measurement


Water Pollution

Why do we fall ill

Work and Energy

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, if your child is in classes KG to XII you should definitely order this kit. This will engage your child with high quality interactive, engaging videos in form of 2D & 3D animations.

Animated Videos consists of rich animations, topic wise assessments, engaging video lessons and recap concepts which will help children to develop a clear understanding of the topic.

The videos are curated to cover ICSE, CBSE and all the state boards.

Not necessarily, our videos are designed for independent learning.

We provide 1000+ animated videos, assessments for each topic, interactive lessons and much more valid for a whole year.

The content can be accessed via Desktop or Laptop.

The validity of the content is for 1 year.

Duration of the course is for the whole year however you can do quick revision within 2-3 days.

We do not have a refund policy but you can always contact our customer support team for any queries or replacement.

We accept all modes of payment including online payment (debit card/credit card/netbanking/UPI), Paytm and Google Pay.

Yes we provide cash-on-delivery option.

The product will be delivered within 3-7 working days.

Yes. We follow all the standard guidelines and instructions to deliver the product safely to you.

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