Global Shiksha Kids Creative Building Blocks (260 Pieces)

Time to make playing fun and engaging for your Kids!

  • 260+ Creative Building Blocks

  • Develops Motor Skills

  • Builds Confidence

  • Infinite Models And Shapes To Make

  • Preschool to 5th Class

  • Designed for Kids

  • Light and Easy to Carry

  • For Age 3 to 10 Years

  • Future Investment

  • With Shapes and Figures Buildings Sheets

  • Left/Right Brain Development

  • Improves Retention

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Have a look at our Kids Creative Building Blocks

This rectangle shaped Building Blocks Set with 260+ pieces with different colours is a very Creative and fun game kit for your Kids.

This creative building blocks kit allows your child to improve creativity and learn to make their own design with the blocks. Numbers, Shapes & Colours
at the same time!

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These blocks are specifically designed for the kids and helps in improving:

  • Creativity and Imagination

  • Colour and Shape Recognition

  • Improve Hand Eye Coordination

  • Memory Enhancement

  • Develop Fine Motor Skills

  • Great for Child Engagement

Creative Building Blocks Videos

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the appropriate age to buy these blocks?

We provide different kits based on the age groups and it covers Academic based Topics. From Preschool (3+years) till the age of 10 years.

What are the activities included in the kit?

There are 260 pieces of house building blocks, your kid will learn to make different shapes and figures. It comes with shape building guide sheets which help the kids to select the shape to build and keep your kid entertained and engaged.

What are the skills the kid will develop with these creative building blocks?

The kids' creative building blocks are specifically designed for the pre-school kids, where they develop early recognition skills and increase motor skills, hand-eye coordination, creativity, recognising, understanding and differentiating the different shapes and figures.

What are the items included in this kit?

The kids’ creative building blocks consist of

  • 260 pieces of creative building blocks with different colours and shapes.
  • Strong and beautiful storage container box.
  • Shapes and figures building guide.