Why You Should Stop Telling Your Son to Man Up

Why You Should Stop Telling Your Son to Man Up

“Stop telling your son to man up”, telling your son to man up puts many ideas and thoughts to their minds which might affect their growth, their surrounding and development into a different ideology or perceptive.
Here, to put what man up, in today’s age is defined as; it is a term that means to be brave or tough enough to deal with a difficult or unpleasant situation.
But parents or people nowadays use this to teach their kids or son, to not cry.
This will not only affect them but also their surroundings and here’s how.
⦁ Your son might control his emotions:
Your kids might feel many emotions on a daily basis as learning is still a process that plays a huge role and the main source to that are parents; they are the greatest influence in a kid’s life and play a major role.
And telling your son to man up, puts many things into different perspectives for them, as they are still growing.
They might start to think that a man should not cry, not feel the same emotions as a girl or female, they might think if they don’t man up, they are cowards, this also will affect a girl child as she might think females are weak and being a man is to be brave.
Instead, you can help them tackle situations by spending more time together, solving activity worksheets or flashcards or bond over a hobby and communicate with them to know better on what’s on their mind.
 Boys won’t have a genuine relationship with anyone around:
They will start to think and assume that every person or people have particular roles in the society.
As a man, is a person who is supposed to be brave, strong and one who should not be affected or show any direct emotions.
This can affect them later as this can pile up and cause huge damage to their mental health as well.

Instead, a boy should also be taught equally as any kid, to express their emotions and react to a problem to bring solutions. A parent can spend more time and teach them that it’s okay to react and express in any situation. This will not only keep them mentally healthier but also will change their surroundings and friends that they can openly talk to.

Spend more time with your kids to know them better about their surroundings, friends as they also play a huge role into your son’s life. Spending more time is always better as it is the best way to communicate with your kids. For example: You can spend time with them by doing fun activities and solving activity flashcards or bonding over a hobby.

In conclusion, stop using the term ‘man up’ for your kids to have a better lifestyle.

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