THERAPY: Can it be a light at the end of the tunnel?

THERAPY: Can it be a light at the end of the tunnel?

Therapy can be something you seek from a mental health professional for emotional, social, or psychological well-being.

A therapy session is very subjective simply because every person has a different way to deal with mental issues and cope with them. We cannot claim that therapy can completely resolve an individual’s issue but it can help and improve the state of mind or make you understand what are your needs.

There are a lot of people out there who have a negative outlook on therapy as it involves you talking to a stranger about your problem in life and listening to them preach about how we have to live but don’t realize the fact that you are talking to a professional who has complete knowledge into what they are doing and what can be done to improve the mental status of a patients mind just how a general doctor treats a cold.

As mentioned before, therapy sessions are very subjective. Some might find it very helpful, some might find it very unreasonable and some might feel at ease and decide to continue with therapy for the rest of their life. Every person has a completely different family background, upbringing, social circle, and traumas that they are dealing with and therapy is the light at the end of the tunnel that you can look forward to.

Every other person nowadays is dealing with mental issues that are yet to be addressed or even acknowledged. The greater question is are these people even aware of the issues they are having?

The simple reason is that Mental health has not been amped as much as other bodily issues. The irony is the fact that our mind is a part of our body probably the most important one to even stay alive and is still not considered important in society to this date and age.

Society has a very strong stigma towards Mental health and the whole idea of getting treated for the same which is a huge problem for people who are getting treated and people who want to seek treatment but just cannot as it might affect their social status. This makes people shy away and build problems internally ready to explode any day or time and this can worsen the issue.

The one thing we all have in common or can relate to is the fact that we all are trying to fit in this so-called “perfect society” where everyone is happy with their qualification, social status, profession, and lifestyle, and in this mix, we tend to forget checking in with ourselves. That’s when Therapy can come in handy and help us go through or understand what is the root cause of the mental status were in.

It is widely believed that people go to therapy only to put out their problems and find a solution but it is not that case. People can opt for therapy in the following situations too:
When they just want to speak about themselves and feel less lonely and to be heard.
When they are happy and want to share the happiness.
When they are just stuck between nowhere and want to breakthrough.
When you are dealing with a complicated family and social dynamic.
When you are going through depression and anxiety.
Finding it hard with addiction of any kind.
Wanting to make changes in life for the better.

These might be enough reasons for all of us to go seek therapy from a professional and get answers or affirmations.


Therapy as you know works only if one is willing to or has consented to. Therapy can not be forced on an individual.

Finding a therapist who can cater to your needs can be tough but not impossible. Patience is the key here and if you keep a steady mind and do not lose hope to find the one, you are good.

It might take some time for you to open up even if you have found the best therapist available who can cater to your needs and that is completely alright. You can take your time to feel free and talk about the things that are going on in your life.

Online therapy is one of the doors that can always be considered if you are not comfortable talking to a therapist face to face. Online therapy can warm you up and come in handy when you are in need. Online therapy can be easily accessible and you don’t have to travel during times like these.

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